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mirik chiku Sep 13 '17

Common diagnoses for testosterone deficiency include serum and blood testing, which is undertaken to determine the availability of testosterone and levels of luteinizing and gonadotropin-releasing hormones in the body. Other tests include injecting Groh or clomiphene citrate (an estrogen), and rarely, testicular biopsy that detects malfunctions in sperm production. PerformX Testo Testosterone deficiency treatments involve hormone replacement therapies including testosterone injections, gel, patches and capsules. The selection of treatments is determined by age and extent of deficiency. There are also some risks associated with testosterone replacement. They include acne, mild fluid retention, breast enlargement, increased chance for sleep apnea and stimulation of prostate tissue. Testosterone pills are used to raise testosterone level in blood. These are the most convenient means of testosterone replacement. They are widely used by old age people to restore their hormone level and also by young people to enhance their muscle development. Testosterone pills are taken one to three times a day to maintain an adequate hormone level. Testosterone pills were first used in late 1940s. These pills are quite toxic and produce some serious side effects. Using of natural testosterone alone may not improve testosterone level in body. It is usually metabolized and inactivated by the body. So, the molecular form of testosterone is modified so that it would not be broken down by the liver. Such modified testosterone forms, like testosterone undecenoate and methyl testosterone, cause testosterone levels to increase after about four hours of administration.